Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Confirming Luncheon

On 10/07/07, Fiona Fister-Stooges wrote:

Dear Davey,

I did not get a confirmation (or reconfirmation) about the 26th at noon at Todai.

Could you possibly bring a copy of the Janacek Mass and......also my harp CD. See photo above as a reminder about the harp CD!


From: Dave Smith
Date: 10-Jul-2007 13:51
Subject: Re: Confirming luncheon
To: Fiona Fister-Stooges

Dearest Fiona,

I have to say, when I saw that photo of you and the harp, some feelings stirred within me that I haven't felt for quite some time. How I wish to be in the place of the harp until I too become one with wood.

Give me a ring about Todai, I long to hear your voice.


On 11 Jul 2007 05:26:33 +0900, Fiona Fister-Stooges wrote:

Dear Dave,

See you on the 26th to discuss the conference. I'll wear my Clara Schumann locket,so don't forget my CD. In case of change of your schedule, please ring me:090-8112-5294.



Todai has become so business like:our ID cards are now also credit cards!!!

From: Dave Smith
Date: 11-Jul-2007 10:52
Subject: Re: Confirming luncheon
To: Fiona Fister-Stooges

Fio of my desires,

I'll be counting down the days to the 26th. I long to see the Clara Schumann locket lie still on the carpet floor as your beautiful naked body radiates in the light of the moon as it peeks through the open window. The capitalist shackles of what Todai has become will seem like nothing when compared to the animal desires that we feel for each other. Time will stand still for us. There will be nothing but our forms as one, and the passion within.



P.S. My willy is big.
On 11 Jul 2007 21:40:10 +0900, Fiona Fister-Stooges wrote:

Allerliebster Davey!

Gee, I saw that film. I thought it was called "Free Willy" and not "Big Willy."

With deep affection,


On another note: I was reflecting on your comment that Schutz used the tenor as a type of "hazan" or cantor. I was watching the old Al Jolson "Jazz Singer" in which he sings Kol Nidry on Yom Kippur and researched that. One version of Kol Nidry is influenecd by Gregorian chant---idea being the synagogue windows were open and heard the cathedral choirs and in any event Gregorian chant comes from the synagogues. It's all cyclical and we are all one.

Bis Juli 26 and discussion of Janacek.