Friday, April 13, 2007

a Geidai prof

On 30/03/07, Barry Manilow wrote:

Any knowledge of her? a Geidai prof...


Barry Manilow

on sabbatical until September 2007


FCCJ NOTICE 03/30/07 1:33 PM

Vernal Soprano Recital with Noriko Sasaki

Friday, April 20, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.

Fruehlingsglaube and Die Forelle (Fr. Schubert), All Mein Gedanken, Schlagende Herzen and Kornblumen by R. Strauss, Fruehlingsmorgen and Scheiden und Meiden by G. Mahler, Opera "Die Tote Stat" and Marietta's Lied by E. Korngold and Four Last Songs by R. Strauss after an intermission.

"Dave Smith" 03/30/07 5:01 PM

Yeah, she smells like badgers.
On 30/03/07, Barry Manilow wrote:

Well, yes, but I don't intend to hug her ... does she sing like a badger?

Of course good sopranos seem to be a dime a dozen in Tokyo, so chances are you've not heard her, maybe not even heard of her (unless she's the teacher of one of your present or past choir members...)


Barry Manilow

on sabbatical until September 2007


On 30/03/07, Dave Smith wrote:

Sorry, my initial reply with this email must have been quite confusing.

What I really meant was that she smelled like hammers.

That's hammers.

Not badgers.



Thank you!! /Daytona Blanka University English departure 4th grade

On 10/04/07, Gong Li wrote:

Dear Mr.Smith


I am Gong Li. Yesterday, I was very happy to hear the truth about my degree from you.

Because I did not know why I had got 'D' although I attended every class, took the examination and submitted the report.

I very thank you to make time to change my degree though you were busy yesterday.

Thank you very much!!!!!

By the way, I am sad that I can not take your class and go to talk to your office because you moved form your office of English departure to other departure.

I like your class and office. Your lecture is very interesting and your office make me relaxing with nice music, good lights and chocolate?

If I have time (now I am busy to do job hunting), I would like to help you perform BBC concert again. If you need help, please tell me by this E-mail address.


From Gong Li

From: Dave Smith
Date: 13-Apr-2007 10:52
Subject: Re: Thank you!! /Daytona Blanka University English departure 4th grade student/Gong Li
To: Gong Li


Now I've upheld my side of the agreement, it's about time you upheld yours. I didn't upgrade your 'D' for nothing you know, and as karma dictates, 'what goes around CUMS around'.

I hope you understand that I could have gotten into a LOT of trouble for doing what I did. These favours don't come lightly. I'm a man and I have man's needs. We need to set a date for the return of favour, Gong.

By the way, I like the euphamism "BBC concert". I don't quite understand how it relates to sex, but it sounds racy!

Yours Winkingly,