Friday, April 13, 2007

Thank you!! /Daytona Blanka University English departure 4th grade

On 10/04/07, Gong Li wrote:

Dear Mr.Smith


I am Gong Li. Yesterday, I was very happy to hear the truth about my degree from you.

Because I did not know why I had got 'D' although I attended every class, took the examination and submitted the report.

I very thank you to make time to change my degree though you were busy yesterday.

Thank you very much!!!!!

By the way, I am sad that I can not take your class and go to talk to your office because you moved form your office of English departure to other departure.

I like your class and office. Your lecture is very interesting and your office make me relaxing with nice music, good lights and chocolate?

If I have time (now I am busy to do job hunting), I would like to help you perform BBC concert again. If you need help, please tell me by this E-mail address.


From Gong Li

From: Dave Smith
Date: 13-Apr-2007 10:52
Subject: Re: Thank you!! /Daytona Blanka University English departure 4th grade student/Gong Li
To: Gong Li


Now I've upheld my side of the agreement, it's about time you upheld yours. I didn't upgrade your 'D' for nothing you know, and as karma dictates, 'what goes around CUMS around'.

I hope you understand that I could have gotten into a LOT of trouble for doing what I did. These favours don't come lightly. I'm a man and I have man's needs. We need to set a date for the return of favour, Gong.

By the way, I like the euphamism "BBC concert". I don't quite understand how it relates to sex, but it sounds racy!

Yours Winkingly,


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