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curriculum vitae

On 8/30/06, Ravi Tripathi wrote:

Dear Sirs,

I enclose a copy of curriculum vitae for the dentist job advertised. I am working part time in general practice and studying at the school.I am currently looking for property locally and therefore applied for your position.

Your Sincerely,

Dr Ravi Tripathi.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details: Name- Ravi Tripathi.

Dob- .


Tel No-

Mob No-

E-Mail- Ravi Tripathi

Profile: I am an associate dentist who is currently working in general practice, while studying the certificate course in restorative dentistry at the school. I have an interest in restorative dentistry and wish to obtain further qualifications in this field, whilst working in general practice.
Since qualifying from University in 2000 I completed my vocational training the following year. I then returned home to fulfil my desire to live and work.
During this six-year period I have worked in several practices, which include a corporate type practice and large suburban family practices, including my current place of employment. Whilst working in such establishments I have been privileged enough to work alongside several specialists and a number of colleagues, I have used such opportunities to broaden ones knowledge of the profession.
As well as recognising areas of interest, I also recognise areas of improvement and believe in time I will learn to overcome. Therefore fulfilling my desire to become an established reputable dentist who continues to provide good quality dental care.

Achievements In Dentistry: Blah blah blah
Education: Blah blah blah
Qualifications: Blah blah blah
Employment : Blah blah blah
References: Available upon request.
Dave Smith wrote:

It is good that you are looking for this dentist role.

I have one question I would like to ask before the interview.

If there are pretty ladies that come and need treatment I will administer general anaesthetic and will need to see them in utmost privacy to ensure that the anaesthetic has taken, prior to any dental work. Will this be a problem?

Best regards.
From: Ravi Tripathi
Date: Sep 4, 2006 8:04 PM
Subject: Re: curriculum vitae
To: Dave Smith

Dear Dave Smith,

Thank you for efficient reply . The answer to your question is no in don't mind providing i not administrating or treating those patients. As i believe GA in practice is no longer and if you were sedating someoneone your need a third party. If a third party is present then treatment should be no problem.

Kind Regards


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