Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tuesday and VHI

On 7/11/06, George Smith wrote:

Hiya, just so you know not looking for money YET!!!!

An invoice came from VHI for last 3 weeks in June (after u left Dell) and for all of year from July 1st 2006 to 2007.

Total is $511.

I have paid it so you have full cover.

When you get home and if you get VHI cover in a new job then they will refund all differences.

So that's all fair.

The IOU note is on your desk :)

Love from us

From: Dave Smith
Date: 11-Jul-2006 19:58
Subject: Re: Tuesday and VHI
To: George Smith

Didnt you get my email, telling you to ignore that invoice? It didnt take into account my last over payment.

I dont see why I should foot the bill if you didnt consult me. I'll let it slide this time but you have been warned!

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