Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Curriculum vitae

On 10/24/06, Jessica Big wrote:


My name is Jessica Big and I am looking for a job in the area of your practice. I have attatched my CV.

Many Thanks
From: Dave Smith
Date: 25-Oct-2006 21:41
Subject: Re: FW: Curriculum vitae
To: Jessica Big
Cc: Dave Smith

Hi Jessica,

Just a few questions before we proceed to the interview stage.

I notice that you have a B at chemistry A Level, is this something that I should be concerned with? How do you cope with failure?

I also notice that you have some vaguely related work experience in Darlington. Please advise on which chip shop is the most gourmet in this area please as I have a son who frequents the public houses in this area.

Once I have received these answers we can proceed to the next stage. Please dont be disconcerted by a delay in response as I am very busy at the moment, dealing with more important issues.

best regards,


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