Friday, February 16, 2007

Pure Music

On 16/02/07, Barry Manilow wrote:

Given your PhD topic, I assume you know what "pure music" is -- any substance? to be avoided?

If you'd be interested in going I can get tickets.


From: The Music Committee
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 13:54:33 +0900 (JST)
Subject: The Natural Sounds of Pure Music

The Natural Sounds of Pure Music

Sunday, March 18, 2007 15:00p.m.

Pure Music is a fast developing genre in the music world that produces the transparent sounds of nature in harmony with the world of revered classical music. The thrust of this particular genre is its calming effect on the listener's brain contributing toward physical and spiritual healing. Recently Pure Music has gained worldwide attention as a therapy in the medical field.

Mr. Hiroki Tamaki, composer and violinist, has gained a reputation in Japan as a leader in Pure Music. Among his fans are medical institutions and nursing homes where he plays to an audience seeking to relieve such symptoms as insomnia, high blood pressure and headaches. Tamaki is a graduate of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music and also conducts a program on NHK radio. He will be performing with pianist/ physician, Dr. Rikka Fukuda, who is known as the "singer-song doctor" among his patients for promoting Pure Music as a treatment. Harpist, Ms Yoshiko Miyake, will accompany the musicians. She is a graduate of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. In keeping with the concept of healing, the musical trio also plays for charities.

Tickets are available for the concert with tea and cake at 3,500yen (including 166yen tax).

Reservations at the Reception Desk, please, at 3211-3161 or on-line to

(Reservations canceled less than 24 hours prior to the event will be charged in full)

The Music Committee

Aaaaaah, pure music. Pure music pure music pure music pure music pure music. Yes! Pure music. You can probably already guess my opinion on Pure Music. I mean, is music ever really "Pure"? Is "Pure" ever "Music"? It's an interesting conundrum and one that I think difficult to describe in words alone. These are exciting times my friend. Exciting times indeed. But is "Pure" exciting, or is "exciting" Pure? I'm finding this hard to describe through text as my mind is racing ahead of my hands. If you want to know my true opinion on "Pure Music", then the next time you see me, grab my shoulders and below "Excelsior!" and to the next level we shall travel.


On 16/02/07, Barry Manilow wrote:

I suspected as much. I'll give the concert a pass (but as it will be unheard, not a passing grade).

I assume that the therapy side is just as, well, unexceptional? Or, to rephrase, mood music is only that for people who want to pay for sound in the background that they won't listen to -- and if they're forced to listen to it their mood might change and not for the better. [Uh, I thought I had a cute phrase coming, but no it's a flop.]  Anyway "pure music" doesn't improve anyone's mood or mental health if the standard of comparison is either silence or listenable music ... ?

Don't rush to answer, but thanks for answering the first time around.

From: Dave Smith
Date: 16-Feb-2007 14:50
Subject: Re: Pure Music
To: Barry Manilow


Don't get me wrong. I mean, I'm as open minded as the next chap, but this "pure music" leaves me feeling that the dance of the emperors new clothes is leaving us with an earful of pink pancakes, yet very little syrup to aid their digestion.

I mean, you wouldn't trust Paris Hilton to mow your lawn now, would you?

From: Barry Manilow
Date: 17-Feb-2007 14:52
Subject: Re: Pure Music
To: Dave Smith

Well, there is techno music that I like (Chemical Brothers) but rap is not my thing. But New Age music ... some new music will eventually be classic, but I've never heard anything "New" that I wanted to hear a second time. Most I didn't want to hear the first time. Jazz on recordings is not something that I like, but live jazz can be quite nice. Ditto for various showy virtuoso pieces, they demand showmanship and a CD can't convey that. On the other hand I can't imagine sitting through a concert of Gregorian chant, but a recording can be really nice. On the Japanese end there is gagaku, the most excruciating concert experience I've ever had, far worse than the concert I went to straight from the hospital after having all 4 wisdom teeth removed ... a complete performance of Handel's Messiah. A full dose of Demarol (or maybe it was morphine) may have had had an effect on that latter experience.
As to Paris Hilton, I thought she liked guys to mow her lawn ... so no, I wouldn't trust her to mow mine.

From: Dave Smith
Date: 19-Feb-2007 09:09
Subject: Re: Pure Music
To: Barry Manilow


This is too wide a subject to discuss by email. Can you do lunch today or tomorrow? We could find a good titty bar somewhere (I mean, they must be somewhere, right?) and be naughty.

From: Barry Manilow
Date: 19-Feb-2007 11:08
Subject: Music
To: Dave Smith

Uh, a 6 pm message for lunch today????

Anyway, I can potentially head in tomorrow (Tues) but expect to be in on Wed for an evening seminar so that would work. I'm in on Thursday, too, with a lunch and an afternoon and, remind me, something in the evening? No dinner set yet but since it's a fulbright seminar a group are very highly likely to head out afterwareds, so Thurs is not so good.
BTW are you doing voice sessions this month? I know you'd mentioned starting at 7 pm but not sure when etc etc.


This is too wide a subject to discuss by email. Can you do lunch today
tomorrow? We could find a good titty bar somewhere (I mean, they must
somewhere, right?) and be naughty.

-- during lunch?? our ideas of naughtiness probably differ, too....

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